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Kerstin Maes

My name is Kerstin Maes and I have been working at the Realschule Horkesgath since 1999. My subjects are mathematics and chemistry, although I currently only teach mathematics in different grades. I have been part of the school management team since 2007 and have been deputy headmistress since 2012.

Kerstin Maes

My tasks

In the school administration I am responsible for almost all organizational questions and tasks.
These include:


  • Timetables and supervisory plans

  • substitution plans

  • full-time development

  • Organization of project days

  • Contact person for parents, students and teachers of grades 6, 8 and 10

  • Questions about buildings and the schoolyard

  • All kinds of planning


I love Horkesgath because I have a great team of school management and colleagues here, with whom I can positively shape and further develop school, lessons and the whole day.

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