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school sport

School sport at the Realschule Horkesgath takes place in a double and triple sports hall. The students have the opportunity to use the newly designed outdoor area.

The main topics of the individual years are:

  • Year 5 - Ball Under the String

  • Year 6 - Burning Ball

  • Year 7 - Ball Over the String

  • Vintage 8 - Girls Rebounderball / Boys Baseball

  • Year 9 - Girls Basketball / Boys Soccer

  • Year 10 - Volleyball for all / Tournament against the teachers

A sporting highlight is the year-level tournament at the end of each school year, in which the classes compete against each other in their sport and fight for a place on the podium.
Overall, the main sport at the Realschule is volleyball.

Other sporting highlights are

  • Regular participation in the city championships as part of "Youth trains for the Olympics",

  • a charity football tournament organized by the student council,

  • a school sports festival as part of the federal youth games with the possibility of acquiring the German sports badge and

  • the swimming lessons in grade 5, which take place in the bathing center Bockum.

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