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Internship at RS Horkesgath for student teachers

Student teachers complete several school internships during their studies in order to get to know the school as a workplace and the teaching profession in all its facets. The teachers at the Realschule Horkesgath support young people in reflecting on their career choice by opening their lessons to shadowing and providing advice on the planning, implementation and evaluation of their own first lesson sequences or lessons. In order to ensure the high quality of support, a maximum of three internship positions can be filled per six-month period.


Applications for an internship should be made at least one month before the desired start date by email to the training officer at the school, Mr. Schröders (


In addition to the personal details, the following information is required:

  • Type of internship (aptitude and orientation internship, professional internship, practical semester)

  • Desired period of time (block internship or semester-long internship)

  • subjects

  • Number of hours per week (e.g. 5 weeks of 18 hours per week = a total of 90 hours).

A formal cover letter and CV are not required. Since the change of perspective from the role of student to the role of teacher would be more difficult, we do not generally accept former students of the Realschule Horkesgath for an internship.

About a week before the start of the internship, the interns receive an internship plan with details of the times, rooms, classes and teachers. A double measles vaccination must be proven when starting the internship. It is recommended that you take out private liability insurance if you do not already have one. The legal obligations and requirements are recognized in an internship contract. A reflective discussion between the intern and the training officer ends the internship.

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