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student council

The SV and the SV teachers


The student council (SV):

The SV represents the rights of the students, promotes and protects their interests and is thus involved in shaping school life. The SV consists of the elected representatives of each class, the class representatives. As elected representatives, they have a say in the specialist conferences for the individual subjects and can influence the decisions there.

The school representatives you elect lead the SV and represent them in the various committees of the school, such as in the school conference, in the pedagogical conferences and in dealings with the school management.

The SV of our school organizes, among other things, sports tournaments, fundraisers, film evenings, helping out at school events and much more in order to enrich school life in the direct interest of the students.

Be cordially invited and work with the SV of the Realschule Horkesgath!


The SV teachers

They will be elected by all the students at our school before the summer holidays for the coming school year. All teachers in the teaching staff are eligible for election, with the exception of the members of the school management board. Two SV teachers are elected at our school.

The SV teachers are currently at our school

Ms. Neuhaus and Mr. Hinze


Tasks of the SV teachers:

The SV teachers have the task of advising and supporting the student representatives in the planning and implementation of their projects and of coordinating between the SV and the school management - however, they do not intervene in the decisions of the SV. They represent the connection between the student council and the other bodies in the school, such as the teachers’ conference or the school management.

At the regular SV meetings, the concerns of the SV are planned, discussed and decided in the presence of the SV teachers.

The SV teachers are also tutors. Every student can and should contact the SV teacher with problems in school and private contexts. This can be perceived unfair treatment (or judgment) by teachers, arguments or disagreements with other classmates, to name just a few.
Of course, there can also be problems in the circle of friends or in the family. The tutor will then work with you to find solutions or find someone who can offer you professional help.

Sometimes there can also be a conflict at school that cannot be resolved despite many discussions. Here the tutor can mediate as a neutral person between both sides and thus contribute to a solution of the conflict.

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