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Vocational counseling appointments

Here you will find annual dates on the subject of careers advice at the Realschule Horkesgath.

Career counseling appointments

Weekly office hours of the career counselor Ms. Gensmann-
Hamlet at School (Grade 9/10).


9th grade internship

Complete a three-week internship in the 9th grade.


BIS dates

BIZ appointments (grades 8/9) in the careers information center
Vocational Counseling Krefeld, Philadelphiastr. 2, 47799 Krefeld


potential analysis

Potential analysis (class 8) with information evening and


Career Choice Passport

Career choice pass for all students from grade 8


career field exploration

Three days of professional field exploration (class 8)


Project week application

Project week on the topic of applications (grade 9)


vocational school day

Vocational school day (grade 9)


Information event vocational college

Information event of the vocational colleges (class 10)


BauBus - Construction - your thing!

The BauBus stops by at school (grades 8-10).


Boys and Girls Day

Boys and Girls Day (5th to 10th graders)


Date your job

Date your job - career advice with a difference (9th grade)


Check in day

Check In Day in Krefeld (from class 8)


CHECK IN professional world

CHECK IN professional world is a voluntary and decentralized event at which the participating companies open their doors to interested students from the 9th grade. Young people get to know training opportunities live and on site or via video call.


BauBus - build your thing!

With the “Bau-Dein-Ding” campaign, the construction industry of North Rhine-Westphalia wants to give interested pupils from the 8th grade a better understanding of the construction industry as a possible career field in a playful and informative way and to show them the wide range of career opportunities.


In addition to some practical tasks, the BauBus also contains exciting multimedia elements and a lecture on training in over 20 commercial construction trades.

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